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The TechCast Network is all about the coolest technology to hit the market, consisting of a web publication that features reviews on the latest hardware and software as well as a weekly tech podcast covering technology news from every corner of the globe.

The passion behind the technology really drives the inspiration to reach out and experiment with different products. Delivering on honest opinions, our readers come to this site to learn more about the products or get advice for their next purchase. We try to review a vast range of products first-hand to make sure you get the complete picture.

A lot of our visitors do sometimes just come here to quench their thirst and desire for the latest tech, whether it be reading about them or just looking at the eye candy. 

If you’re the most accident prone person who can’t go a day without dropping your Nano whilst crossing the street and then having it run over by a tank. You might want to pay closer attention to this review, because we have something you might be interested in.

Last time we reviewed a clear polycarbonate case for the New iPad was when I looked at the XtremeMac MicroShield back when this whole site started (some months ago). So for those who have since joined the iPad club, perhaps it’s time to introduce another case with a slight difference this time. 

We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to iPod cases these days. The massive number of different, unique and same designs are all available in pretty much any style, shape and colour that takes your fancy. Well, we’re about to cover yet another new case that is about to hit the market and I think some of you are going to like this...


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